33C Style Universal Cable

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Control Cable

This is a Universal / Yamaha Style Cable with threaded ends and 3.4" (87mm) stroke

This cable is a standard replacement cable with a 7mm jacket, stainless ends, and a stainless steel core.

Below is a list of replacement numbers for each cable size. Please look at the number on your cable, and make sure that your number is on the list below. If your number is not listed below, feel free to call us and we can assist you.

5ft CC17205, 3237703060, C2X05, PMC0X05
6ft CC17206, 3237703072, C2X06, PMC0X06
7ft CC17207, 3237703084, C2X07, PMC0X07
8ft CC17208, 3237703096, C2X08, PMC0X08
9ft CC17209, 3237703108, C2X09, PMC0X09
10ft CC17210, 3237703120, C2X10, PMC0X10
11ft CC17211, 3237703132, C2X11, PMC0X11
12ft CC17212, 3237703144, C2X12, PMC0X12
13ft CC17213, 3237703156, C2X13, PMC0X13
14ft CC17214, 3237703168, C2X14, PMC0X14
15ft CC17215, 3237703180, C2X15, PMC0X15
16ft CC17216, 3237703192, C2X16, PMC0X16
17ft CC17217, 3237703204, C2X17, PMC0X17
18ft CC17218, 3237703216, C2X18, PMC0X18
20ft CC17220, 3237703240, C2X20, PMC0X20
22ft CC17222, 3237703264, C2X22, PMC0X22
24ft CC17224, 3237703288, C2X24, PMC0X24
25ft CC17225, 3237703300, C2X25, PMC0X25
26ft CC17226, 3237703312, C2X26, PMC0X26
27ft CC17227, 3237703324, C2X27, PMC0X27
28ft CC17228, 3237703336, C2X28, PMC0X28
29ft CC17229, 3237703348, C2X29, PMC0X29
30ft CC17230, 3237703360, C2X30, PMC0X30

As this cable is designed as a direct fit on many engines and controls, there are adapters also available for this cable that allows it to fit: Mercury Engines and Johnson/Evinrude Engines. Please see "Related Products" section for these kits.

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