Anode, Zinc Stern Bracket - Johnson / Evinrude

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Zinc Stern Bracket

This anode is made of ZINC and is designed for use in saltwater only


Johnson / Evinrude

50hp 1995-1997
60hp 1987-1988, 1991-1998
65hp 1987-1996,1999-2001
70hp 1987-1995
75hp 1987
85hp 1991-1995
88hp 1988-1996
90hp 1987-1990
100hp 1987-1997
110hp 1987-1989
112hp 1994-1996
115hp 1990-1997
120hp 1987-1990
125hp 1989-1990
140hp 1987-1990
150hp 1987-1990
155hp 1987-1992
175hp 1987-1990
185hp 1989-1990
200hp 1987-1990
225hp 1987-1990
250hp 1991-1995
275hp 1987-1988
300hp 1987-1994

May fit additional models to those listed above. Please DO NOT order based solely on application info above. You MUST compare the oem number of the part for your engine to those listed below to ensure correct fitment of this part for your application! Failure to order this way will likely lead to the wrong part being ordered!

Replaces 395780, 398331, 433458

More Information
Availability In Stock
Condition New
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