Ring Set, Piston - Yamaha 1050 16-21

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Piston Rings

These rings will fit OEM pistons but may not fit some aftermarket pistons. Please call if you are unsure if these rings will fit

These rings are available in sizes STD, 0.5mm, and 1mm



210 FSH 1050 2018-2019
210 FSH Deluxe 1050 2018-2021
210 FSH Sport 1050 2018-2021
AR 210 1050 2017-2021
EX 1050 2017-2023
EX Deluxe 1050 2017-2023
EX Limited 1050 2021-2023
EX Sport 1050 2017-2023
EX-R 1050 2019-2021
Jet Blaster 1050 2022-2023
SuperJet 1050 2021-2022
SX 210 1050 2017-2021
V1 1050 2016
V1 Sport 1050 2016
VX 1050 2016-2023
VX Cruiser 1050 2016-2023
VX Deluxe 1050 2016-2023
VX Limited 1050 2016-2023
VX-C 1050 2019-2023

To order, select the size desired from the dropdown then enter the quantity and click "add to cart". Most standard and oversize pistons are in stock however some sizes may be on a short backorder from time to time. Please don't hesitate to contact us for assistance.

May fit additional models to those listed above. Please DO NOT order based solely on application info above. You MUST compare the oem number of the part for your engine to those listed below to ensure correct fitment of this part for your application! Failure to order this way will likely lead to the wrong part being ordered!

Replaces 8KH-11603-01-00, 8KH-11603-02-00

More Information
Availability In Stock
Condition New
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