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Sales Tax Exempt?

If you have arrived here, you are likely interested in placing an order but without the sales tax.

Unfortunately if you are not already setup in our system as tax exempt, you won't be able to place an order without sales tax...yet. HOWEVER we have a solution!

Go ahead and place the order with the sales tax amount included. Then send us an email (to service@offshoremarineparts.com) or fax (941-209-1906) with the following information:

1. Your order number
2. Your email address
3. The name of the company / organization that made the purchase
4. A copy of your exemption certificate

Certificates received will be verified and validated against the submitted order. If you created an account on our website, we will code that account as sales tax exempt. We will also adjust the order to remove the sales tax before we process your payment. If the order was paid with Paypal, we will simply refund the sales tax amount. Several states have certificates that expire. We must receive an updated copy to continue your account with tax exempt status.