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How to identify oetiker clamp size

If you have come to this page, you are likely in the hunt for an Oetiker clamp but are unsure which to order.

There are a couple ways to locate the correct clamp.

1. If your engine came with the clamp installed, then more than likely the engine manufacturer (ie. Mercury, BRP, Yamaha, etc) gave the clamp a part number. You can look in the parts diagrams for the manufacturer's part number of the clamp. Once you have that part number you can enter that into our search bar. If we have a match for the part number it should be provided as a result. You will need to check the description for the size and select that when placing the order.

2. Another way is to look at the clamp you will be replacing. There should be a number stamped on the clamp in tiny numbers (usually 2 or 3 digits). This number is the max size of the clamp. For instance take a look at the image below. The 133 or 13.3 would mean the clamp has the capacity of 10.8mm to 13.3mm. You should select that size from the dropdown on our product page.

Oetiker Clamp

3. The final way is to measure the O.D. of the hose you are intending to clamp. Use that measurement to select the appropriate clamp for your need. Be sure to select the size where the clamp max measurement is just barely bigger than the measurement you need. For example, if the O.D. of your fuel hose is .596" then you will need to look at the options and select the size of 12.8mm-15.3mm (0.504"-0.602"). You cannot order the next size smaller because it will not fit over your hose and the next size larger may not clamp down enough to seal the connection.

If you ever have a question about what to order, simply give us a call. We are happy to assist!!